Facts for Beginners: How are Betting Odds Displayed?

There are all kinds of people who want to know how are sports betting odds displayed, and the truth is that this actually changes based upon the bookmaker and the part of the world in which an individual lives. Having betting odds explained makes it easier for people to pick up on the information that is being presented to them, and when individuals feel more confident in their knowledge, it is easier for them to make sound, educated decisions regarding where they want to put their money. No matter which events an individual likes most - horse racing, hockey, soccer or others - it is important to understand the differences between fraction, decimal and American numbers.

As a decimal, the number would appear as 1.50 with the number after the decimal representing the amount earned for every dollar. Thus, a wager of $2 would turn a profit of $1. This one is actually quite simple and can be calculated rather quickly. Fractions work in much the same way, though. This means that if an individual sees 1/2 , he or she can conclude that a wager of $2 will need to be placed in order to win $1. As such, a winning $100 wager produces a profit of $50. Finally, in the American version, individuals will see something like -200, this means that a $200 stake will produce a $100 profit. Conversely, a +200 figure means that a $100 wager produces a profit of $200.

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