Canadian Casino Banking Preferences

Like nearly all commercial establishments today, Canadian online casinos accept all major credit cards, including American Express and Diner's Club card (which are still not accepted everywhere). While credit cards are one of the easiest ways for players in Canada to make online casino deposits, it can actually be one of the more inconvenient ways to make withdrawals, as credit card companies may not allow individuals to deposit winnings back onto their cards. If this is the case with your credit card company, it may be better to use a debit card. As these are connected directly to your bank account, deposits and withdrawals are more like direct bank transfers, and there should not be the same amount of red tape.

Those who would prefer not to provide their specific bank account or credit card information to a casino can also opt to use one of the various e-wallet sites that are accepted by an online casino. The most popular such sites preferred by Canadians include Moneybookers (now called Skrill), Paypal and Neteller. These can be linked directly to your casino account, and save you the trouble of having to enter in your payment info every time you want to make a deposit or withdrawal. They also boast an added level of security when conducting online transactions. The EcoCard, which is a prepaid virtual card, is another payment method option, which may be particularly useful for international players who need to convert their winnings into different currencies.

Bet365 is one casino catering to Canadians that is dedicated to ensuring that every customer's experience at the web casino is completely satisfying. To help back this guarantee, the casino offers a variety of different ways for players to make deposits and withdrawals depending on each player's banking preference, so that every individual will be able to find a payment method that feels most familiar, safe, and secure. Customers can use everything from credit cards to e-wallets to debit cards to gift cards to bank transfers, and Bet365 Casino will accept them all. It is important for individuals to check with their banks and credit card companies first, however, as certain institutions have rules about withdrawing funds from a web casino.